Scream It Out Loud!



Ever since his vocal cords first developed, Bill has sung passionately and tried at a young age to seize his thoughts and feelings in his song texts. He came into the world on September 1st, 1989, ten minutes later than his twin brother Tom. The crazy frontman loves an unusually unique appearance and is truly an individual.

Bill Kaulitz-Trümper
Date/Place of birth:
September 1st 1989, Leipzig
Siblings: Identical twin Tom
Height: Approximately 6′2″
Eyes/Hair: Naturally dirty blonde, but frequently dyed black
Tattoos/Piercings: Eyebrow and Tongue pierced. Tattoos: Back of neck - Tokio Hotel Logo; Lower right pelvis - Star; Left forearm - Freiheit89 in script
Idols: I never had any idols because I never wanted to live after someone elses’ rules but there’s still a lot of people who have been influencing me… I think all that is happening on a subconscious level
First concert: Nena
Greatest wish: Freedom to no end and a life filled with music until eternity
Favorite part of Tokio Hotel: Performing new songs I’ve just written live
Favorite Tokio Hotel memories so far: the first time you do something is brilliant- in the studio, playing a gig, appearing on TV, first tour.
Goals for Tokio Hotel:
We’re always setting new goals. as soon as we achieve one, we give ourselves another.
Hobbies: Parties, Singing, Music.
Motto: Leb die Sekunde! (Live the second!)
Favorite drinks:
Cola, Strawberry Nesquik, Peppermint tea (he says it’s good for his voice).
Favorite foods:
Pizza and spaghetti. He is a huge fan of fast-food in general and he will never eat something he doesn’t know.