Scream It Out Loud!



Since the age of 13, Georg has played Bass. Through friends, his attention was drawn to the art of bass playing, and from that point to this day he is very excited about the bass. He was born on March 31st, 1987, and is therefore the oldest member of Tokio Hotel. The laid-back bassist loves parties and was the first in the band with a drivers license.

Full name:
Georg Moritz Hagen Listing

Nickname: Actually none… except when the boys want to make fun of me. then they call me Hagen or Moritz (although Bill claims they call him Hobbit!)

Date/Place of birth: March 31, 1987, Halle

Siblings: None

Height: Approximate 5′9″

Eyes/Hair: Grey-green/Brown

TattoosPiercings: Not yet

Idols: Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) He’s not a real idol but he’s definitely one of the best bassists I think

First concert: Die Ärzte

Greatest wish: To continue having that much fun with the boys and seeing as much of the world as possible

Favorite part of Tokio Hotel: I love the feeling of being on stage and can’t wait to hit the road again for our European tour. being on stage every night and meeting fans, it’s just an amazing life.

Distinctive signs: His muscles.

Motto: It always changes.