Scream It Out Loud!


H   e   l   l    o!

Hello Guys! :) Thank you all for your paticence, I am finally ready to take over the site. First of All, I would like to thank Mercedes very much for everything she has done for me. It was very nice of her let me have the site.
For now I am leaving her last message beneath this, for you all to read and update yourselves.
I will soon be updating and changing the site a bit, but not to much so I don't delete all of Mercedes hard work. If you have any ideas or reccomendations, don't be afraid to comment by going to the "Contact" Page.
Thank you! :)
-A s h l e y

*U N D E R  C O N S T R U C T I O  N*

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this site and thank you for all of your comments and support, I'm glad to let you all know that I have found someone to take over the site, her name is Ashley and she seems very sweet. The site will be up and running soon so just wait a little bit longer!


- Mercedes

May 9 2009