Scream It Out Loud!



Tom has played guitar since he was seven years old. His guitarist stepfather introduced Tom to the guitar who had an enthusiastic interest for the instrument. Like his twin brother, Bill, he came into the world on September 1st, 1989. The cool hip hop freak likes partying and having fun. His one and everything is his dreads.

Full name: Tom Kaulitz-Trümper
Date/Place of birth: September 1st 1989, Leipzig
Siblings: Identical twin Bill
Height: Somewhere around 6′
Eyes/Hair: Brown/dirty blond
Left bottom lip
Idols: I never had any idols
First concert:
Samy Deluxe
Greatest wish:
A meeting with the Olsen twins or Angelina Jolie
Favorite part of Tokio Hotel: Performing
Motto: “Carpe diem!”
Favorite drinks: Cola, strawberry nesquik.
Favourite foods: Pizza and spaghetti. He is a huge fan of fast-food in general and he will never eat something he doesn’t know.